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How does it work?

With ice cream, you can rent or buy your ice cream machine. The benefits are as follows. The average profitability is 200%

Our machine

– Professional ice cream machine.
– Producing 320 cones per hour.
– Can produce the cone, large cone, sundae, and milkshake (optional)

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Daily Rent

What’s included?

1 Ice Cream Machine

1 Assistant Machine

(a person who accompanies the event)

All Ingredients

Monthly Rent

What’s included?

1 Ice Cream Machine

Handling Course

Course For Employeers


(30% OFF in each maintenance)

About Us

Sorveto was created in 2006 in São Paulo, Brazil. It started with the Sorveto Express Ice Cream Machine and grew with the invention of increasingly advanced and technological machines.
In 2010, we invented a machine for Herbalife that worked well with their products and made success in the health nutrition business.
Throughout the years, our company extended to all the states of Brazil with a large variety of ice-cream machines invented by our CEO.
Today, we are introducing our product to America so our clients can have an opportunity to consume the best quality ice-cream and have the appropriate maintenance for the product.